Specialties we teach:
Night Diver
Drysuit Diver
Deep Diver

Wreck Diver
Underwater Naturalist

Underwater Navigation
Underwater Photo
Enriched Air
Boat Diver
Equipment Specialist
Marine Awareness
Shark Awareness

Services we offer:
Training and PADI certification
Training and HSA certification

Sales and Service of Scuba Equipment
Trips and Travel
Offer airfills
Sales and Service of Cylinders
Arrange social events for divers

We arrange trips to:
The Caribbean
Sea of Cortez
Red Sea
Truk Lagoon
North Carolina
Atlantic Ocean Dives
Oyster Dives in the Cheaspeake Bay (Fall / Winter)

We keep divers informed with e-mails, flyers and our web site.
And make sure to check out our Facebook page.

We offer beginning classes on Tuesday or Thursday evenings in York.
Saturday morning classes in Shrewsbury.
Sunday afternoon classes in Hanover.
Check the Class Schedule for times and dates.

Welcome to the sport of Scuba Diving!