Handicapped Scuba

York Divers is a Handicapped Scuba Association facility!

Learning to Scuba with Disabilities
Handicapped students will be trained and certified according to HSA Physical Performance Standards. A multilevel Certification system enables us to train people with a wide range of disabilities to scuba dive! This includes paraplegia, quadriplegia, even the vision impaired or those with high-functioning brain injuries or mild developmental delays. We base our students diving proficiency on their ability to assist another diver in the water. Each person is evaluated on an individual basis depending on their abilities and needs.

Adaptive Scuba Diving Program

What do I have to do to complete the course?

Academics/Knowledge Development - Online Training
You will learn the basics of diving techniques, how diving affects your body, diving safety, equipment selection and maintenance and dive planning. You will also preview the skills you'll learn in the water.
PADI's Online Trainig program is designed so that you can learn the academics at your own pace when it is convenient for you. Students will receive their course login upon registration and payment to York Divers.

The equipment will be provided by York Divers during training. Each student may purchase their own personal equipment and receive a 10% discount when taking the course. Personal equipment includes mask, snorkel, fins and boots.

Confined Water/Pool Training
Beginning in water shallow enough to stand, you'll learn all the basic skills you'll need to confidently and safely enjoy scuba diving. As you gain confidence you'll gradually move to deeper water and learn more advanced skills and safety drills.

Cost: The Adaptive Scuba Diving training program is $475.00 per student.
The course includes the online training, equipment needed and the pool sessions. Additional fees will apply for the Open Water Certification dives.

Open Water Certification Dives - Location to be determined
Once pool training is complete, you can schedule the certification dives - four dives over two days. Certifications are available as a PADI Open Water Diver or Handicapped Scuba Association Diver. Details are determined per the individual student's needs. Additional information will be provided at the beginning of the course.

Current schedule of Pool Sessions for early 2018
January 14 and 21, February 11 and 18 and March 11 - 10 AM to 12 Noon at The Swin Center in Randallstown, MD - The Y in Central Maryland

This course has a limited class size... so register early!

Click to download a PDF about this course or contact us at info@yorkdivers.com 


Adaptive Dive Buddy Program

The HSA "Dive Buddy Program" offers certified divers an opportunity to expand their underwater world to include sharing it with a handicapped partner. An HSA certified Dive Buddy receives nearly as much information and skill training as an instructor, except the training focuses on recreation, not instruction. Attend all classrooms, confined and open water segments of the course. Participate in all role-playing segments in the confined and open water. Complete and pass the final exam.

Classroom at York Divers
Pool at York YMCA
Open Water Dives

Contact York Divers for the course schedule.