Emergency First Response (E.F.R.)

This class can be taken by divers and non-divers alike.
This class can be taken for the C.P.R. and first aid qualifications towards the rescue diver course, needs to be taken prior to the course.

Registration is required for this course. Consists of One Classroom session.
Independent Study: 
Study at home, do the knowledge reviews in your Student Participant manual.
You will then come to the store for a formal instructor led skill development and scenario practice.

Video Guide Study: 
This is for those that already have the book and video and need only to be renewed (required every two years). 
Read the book, review the video and come to the store for a skill review.

Cost: $75.00
Included: Manual, DVD, Instructor fee  and Certification card
Renewal Cost: $55.00, If you need to renew your C.P.R./first aid, which is required every two years, and is counted as your course.

Contact York Divers to schedule your class or renewal
EFR classes can be scheduled on an as needed basis to meet the needs of the students' schedule.