Drysuit Diving

Learn to dive in a drysuit and go anytime, regardless of the water temperature.
Warmth is more than a matter of comfort, it also affects safety.
A warm diver is less likely a "bends" candidate than a cold diver.

Registration is required for this course.
Consists of One Classroom session, One Pool Session and Two Open Water Dives

Cost: $175.00
Included: Manual, DVD, Instructor fee, Certification card, Use of the Drysuit, Additional weights will also be provided if needed.
Not Included: Admission to the dive site, Rental of additional equipment, Airfills, and Travel expenses.

At least 10 years of age

Drysuit Diver classes can be scheduled on an as need basis to meet the needs of the students' schedule.
You need to do the classroom first, then the pool session and then the open water dives.

We do this course all year and anytime!