Ed Carter

Hello fellow divers and future divers! My name is Ed. I've been a Divemaster with York Divers since 2012. I'm a Trauma Nurse at Shock Trauma in Baltimore and in my free time I, as well as several other staff at York Divers, are Volunteer Divers at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. Some of my favorite dive spots are the Bahamas where I dove with 30-40 reef sharks during a feed, North Carolina WWII wrecks with lots of sand tiger sharks, and Bonaire-some of the best reefs and shore diving in the world! If you can't tell, most divers like sharks! It's a humbling and magnificent experience when they grace you with their presence in the wild!

Let me tell you a little about how I got started. I am from the Midwest and had never even stepped foot in the ocean until I learned to dive! I got certified while living in San Diego and was immediately "hooked!" Although, still a little skittish of the underwater world and not too confident in my skills, I continued to build my diving experience by taking my Advanced Open Water and subsequently Rescue Diver. This allowed me to gain experience while being under the direct supervision of dive professionals. I gained a lot of confidence in various diving environments in San Diego, CA then I moved to southwest Florida and experienced the Florida Keys! This was a little easier diving that the cold, rough water of the Pacific! While preferring the warmer waters of the Caribbean and south Florida, I appreciate the skills necessary to dive in the cold water. Nowadays, when I'm not in the tanks at the aquarium, you will find many of us at our "LDS" (Local Dive Site), Bainbridge Scuba Center, where we do our training and certifications. We are there year-round including the winter! So come join us!