Shayne Smith

My first exposure to diving was on a resort certification on my honeymoon and then again on my first wedding anniversary. The diving bug bit me and I vowed not to return again to tropical vacations without a full diving certification so that I could be fully prepared and safe underwater. Enter children in my life and the certification would have to wait for…ohhh…20 years or so. I more formally entered diving again in 2015 and became a PADI Professional in 2017. My favorite things to do underwater: watching sharks, wreck diving, underwater nav, and sharing with students. Although I am always searching for new ones, my current favorite dive locations: Cozumel drift diving, Bonaire’s East Coast, North Carolina wrecks to see sharks. Diving bucket list: liveaboard trip to Marquesas/Dry Tortugas, Great Lakes wrecks, Iceland, Indonesia.